Goniometer System

  • To ensure all respective standards are met on the illumination / distribution of the light beam current and absolute measuring system.
  • Universal zig for a wide range of sample measurements
  • Accurate measurement with color correction.
  • Largest Dark Room testing area in the nation (35M) : Auto Rail System
    Features Ratings
  • Optical Properties : Efficacy, Wavelengths, CIE1931/1976 chromaticity coordinates, CCT, CRI, Beam Angle, Radiant Flux, etc.
  • Electrical Properties : Power, Amp, Voltage Consumption

LED Light and Package Testing

  • To test the reliability of LED Light and Packages
  • Vision and Robotics, Instrumentation Systems
  • Multi-Channel AC and DC power systems
  • Real Time intensity and power consumption monitoring system
    Features Ratings
  • Spectral Characteristics : Wavelengths, color coordinates, CCT, Cri
  • Optical Properties : Brightness
  • Electrical Properties : Voltage and Power Consumption Ratings

LED Optics
/ Electrical Meter

  • Electrical and Optical characteristics may be tested at the same time
  • Can be assigned various measurement conditions and procedures
  • Measured with various LED Types ( Chip, Lamp , SMD, COB, COH)
  • Able to take measurements upon users configurations
    Features Ratings
  • Spectral Properties : Various Wavelengths, Chromaticity ( CIE 1931/1976), Color Coordinates, Rendering Distric (R1-R5), Etc.
  • Optical Properties : Efficacy, Wavelengths, CCT, CRI, Beam Angle, Radiant Flux, etc.
  • Electrical Properties : Power, Amp, Voltage Consumption
  • Sweep Characteristics : Current – Voltage – Light L-I-V Sweep

LED Infrared

  • Exact temperature rating collections
  • Infrared Camera able to pinpoint problem areas
  • Sharp Thermal Imaging
  • Built in Digital Camera 3.1 Megapixel ( 2048 x 1536 pixel )
  • FLIR tools. By using android /apple IOS systems, testing data and configurations able to be communicated via wi-fi. Testing also communicated.
    Features Ratings
  • Wide Thermal Range : -20°C ~ +650°C in Three Increments
    ( -20°C-120°C / 0°C-350°C / -200°C-650°C)
  • Accurate up to ±2°C
  • IR Resolution