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02Established KumKyeong Lighting co.,Ltd
01Acquisition of Certifixarion for LED Lumimarles Direct production
            (Business Adminlstration of Korea)
02Acquisition of Certifixarion for High efficiency wquipment (Recessed & Fixed LED Luminaries)
01Economic Daily "Year 2011, 9th Procurement market"
08Excellent Product Designation of PPS (Article 2012084) LED Indoor Light and Downlight
09Established R&D Center
01Economic Daily "Year 2012, 4th Procurement Market"
10Acqulsition of industrial Complex (26,835㎡)
11Acqulsition of KS(Korea standard)Certification
            (LED Street Light, LED Security Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Flood Light)
11Construction of 2nd factory
            (LED Street Light, Security Light and Flood Light, Capacity : a million set / year)
01"Year 2013,3rd Procurement Market"
03signed lnvestment MOU with Local Government (40 million USD)
06Excellent Product Designation of PPS (Article 2014059)LED Luminaries
            (Street, Security, Tunnel, Flood light)
10Completion of 2nd factory in Changnyeong Area
11MOU with LUMILEDS Co.,Ltd
01Year 2014, 3rd Procurement Market
02Completion of Product Development for Administration of Road Construction
            (LED Tunnel, Street Light)
05Be selected an exemplary Company
07Be selected an exemplary Company of Employment
11Be awarded grand prize of Eco-Friendly (Ministry of Environment)
12Be awarded grand prize of donation for education
01Year 2015, 3rd Procurement Market
04Develop a Special purpose asymmetry light distribution Flood Light (The world's first)
08Be awarded grand prize of management innovation
01Year 2016, 2nd Procurement Market
04 Excellent Product Designation of PPS (Article 2017062) LED Indoor Light and Downlight